Health Benefits

Hydrotherapy, treating ailments in your body with the use of warm water, can be used for minor aches and pains or chronic diseases. Hydrotherapy can even be categorized as simply taking a bath. With the many forms of hydrotherapy there are also a number of different applications.

Blaneotherapy, an immersed bathing therapy, can also be provided by a spa or hot tub. Your health and wellness are improved through heat, buoyancy, pressure and resistance, while you soak in a hot tub. Muscle strength and endurance are improved through resistance by applying force against your body movement.

Joints are eased through the use of buoyancy, taking the pressure off of your body when gravity is reduced. Sore muscles can be relieved with pressure and massage from the jets. The heat of the hot tub will better blood circulation and blood pressure by dilating your blood vessels.

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There are many benefits of sauna bathing therapy. Saunas are best known for the relaxation and perspiration they provide.

Sore throat, congestion, lung conditions, sinus pressure and other respiratory symptoms can be relieved by a traditional sauna through the use of steam. Your body is able to get rid of impurities and detoxify with high heat and steam. Heat can also improve your cardiovascular health. Muscles receive great health benefits with the use of safe, deep-penetrating UV rays of an infrared sauna.